SolFlow is an Australian company specialising in the development of Solar PV Direct technology, products and solutions for home and business. Our focus is on creativity and invention and energy neutral solutions for all our customers.

What we can offer.


Our PV Direct products represent a real breakthrough – utilising solar power DC energy as our primary source of power. DC power is far more efficient than AC mains power. Our 600W DC pool pump is equivalent to a 1600W AC motor and our DC hot water systems heat a body of water with less than half of the energy required by an AC element system…why?

Because mains power being 240V at 50 hertz is turning on and off 50 times per second. During the off time, this is lost energy, but DC power is constant with minimal losses. It’s easy to see that the energy saving appliances of the future will ALL be DC power!

Money savings

We have found that saving money STARTS at the source of consumption – the appliance itself. Having a grid connect solar system to provide power for high consuming loads is an expensive and unintelligent method, especially with the high price of battery storage.

The smartest move is to achieve the highest appliance efficiency, combined with its own solar power source, leaving the main grid system to provide power to the house and charge a smaller battery – this is the ONLY way to become energy neutral. Saving money with less solar panels and smaller energy storage requirements is simply a smart move.

Quality Australian products

Designed & manufactured in Australia especially for Australian conditions. The products hold international patents for their innovative PV technology and SolFlow is a leader in this field.

We conduct our R&D in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, one of the harshest climates in the world. All our products are manufactured to meet the high standards of Australia and have full warranties and technical support.

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